Creative Future
Issue 04

The fourth and final edition of the Creative Future Magazine


After eight months in the process and lots of great creative experiences, the fourth and final issue of the Creative Future Magazine has finally come together. Striving to embrace the artistic processes, approaches and ideas of some of today's great artists and designers, we have once again aimed at creating a unique edition that comprehensively delves into an extensive array of artistic areas within the broader field of art and design. With insightful conversations and creative exchanges, this fourth issue of Creative Future explores the work of six unique features, which includes artists, designers and studios situated in different parts of the world.

Limited to just 300 copies worldwide, each copy of the issue comes signed and numbered. In addition, each copy also includes a special zine about New York Skateboarding by Jeb Allred.

Limited edition of 300 copies. Signed and numbered.




In this issue we had the great honor of sitting down and speaking with the two cover artists and main-features of this issue; Los Angeles-based artist and designer, Steven Harrington, and entrepreneur, influencer and innovator, Jeff Staple. Discussing essential ideas and phenomenon’s within todays creative industries, we talk to both Steven Harrington and Jeff Staple about the artistic processes behind their unique body of work. Furthermore we have also had the great pleasure of having insightful exchanges with the Gent-based art publisher, Case Studyo, internationally acclaimed street and graffiti artist, Above, New York-based skateboarding photographer, Jeb Allred, and sculptor, designer and artist, Luis Gispert.

Case Studyo

Luis Gispert
Jeb Allred

Jeff Staple
Steven Harrington


19.0 x 25.5 cm. 124 pages. Four-color digital print, perfect bound. Printed on 170gsm matte paper. Features a special zine entitled 'New York Skateboarding' by Jeb Allred. Each copy comes individually hand-packaged, signed and numbered. Published in 2013.

This edition is out of print.