Creative Future
Issue 03

The third edition of the Creative Future Magazine


The third issue of Creative Future has finally come together and we are excited to share what months of hard work has done for us around here. For this third instalment we have have had the honor of getting a glimpse into the minds of talented artists and creative thinkers from different parts of the world. With in-depth discussions and creative exchanges, this issue features five unique creative individuals who are all special in their own creative field of expertise. 

Featuring a special cover artwork created by the New York-based artist, Darcel Disappoints, this 92-page issue is limited to just 100 copies, each signed and numbered individually. In addition, we had the great opportunity to collaborate with Darcel Disappoints and longtime French notebook maker, Calepino, on a custom Darcel pocket notebook that comes hand-packaged with each copy of the issue.

Limited edition of 100 copies. Signed and numbered.





Last time we paired up with street artist Aaron De La Cruz, and for this issue we’ve continued in this trend and worked with main feature, Craig Redman, also known as Darcel Disappoints, as he takes us through his journey in becoming an artist and the concept behind his famous one-eyed character. Finally, we also had the chance to sit down with other known artists in the industry, including Japanese-born Haroshi of the famous skateboard sculptures you’ve likely encountered through the web, Jasper Wong of the famed street art and graffiti event Pow Wow Hawaii, New York-based photographer Andre D. Wagner, and scientist-turned-artist Kelsey Brookes.

Andre D. Wagner
Darcel Disappoints

Kelsey Brookes

Pow Wow Hawaii


19.0 x 24.0 cm. 92 pages. Four color digital print, perfect bound. Features a special Darcel Disappoints x Creative Future pocket notebook. Each copy comes individually hand-packaged, signed and numbered. Published in 2013.

This edition is out of print.